It still astounds me that PR professionals send mass emails when sharing client news. I didn’t think this was the norm anymore, until I was on the phone with my Cision (public relations and social platform) rep. As she was showing me their new platform she touched on the email feature, which allows users to send mass emails to media contacts. I asked her if individual emails could be sent to reporters where I could tailor the message. Her response? “I don’t know. No one has ever asked me that, they always just send the same email to all their contacts.”

WRONG. WRONG. What the hell were you taught in school?

You want to know why we are exceptional at public relations (yes I am bragging)? We spend countless hours researching publications, reporters and stories before ever making contact.

Here is our approach.

A manufacturing client of ours is experiencing growth and a lot of it is due to the diversification of their client base. I reached out to a publication and pitched an article on the importance of diversifying your customer base and offered to write it. They responded that the topic was perfect for their audience and asked how soon they could get it.

Before ever reaching out to the reporter, I reviewed their content and submission guidelines and pitched several story ideas in line with their existing content. Boom – earned media.

Public relations is about customization, relationships and creativity. Stop spamming reporters, they deserve better and so does our profession.

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