We have all heard the saying “special snowflakes”, most often this is referring to a certain age group or generation. The connotation is not meant to be positive, rather it alludes to individuals that are whiny, entitled and expect certain things out of an employer.

One company went so far as to create their very own “Snowflake Test” to weed out “whiny, needy, entitled little brats.” The questions range from feelings about safe spaces in challenging work environments to how you handle it when your ideas are shot down. Some of the questions are out there, if you ask me. Take a look at the full list below:

Do you think this company has a point? Every business has pain points when it comes to hiring and finding the right individual for the culture and job, but is this the right approach?

If you ask me, and I by no means am an expert, it is sometimes just trial and error. You never know how an individual is going to fit in with the rest of the team until they are in the actual environment and experience the stress, surprises and differing personalities. They will either sink or swim, but you have to be standing by with a life preserver if the value is there.

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