I just got back from being gone for 15 days. It was the longest I have traveled away from 834, my team and my dogs. It was amazing, scary, frustrating and anxiety ridden (and that was just the people I communicated with). Even though I was ‘on’ and checking emails, talking to my team and clients – it is still an adjustment when you get home.

Instead of rushing into the office and feeling frantic and overwhelmed, I gave myself a day to get shit in order on the home front. I cleaned, organized, grocery shopped, went to the vet and meal-prepped. I then sat down and planned out the next day to ensure I was the most productive.

If I hadn’t taken that extra day, there is no way I would’ve accomplished anything.

My point is, as a business owner, give yourself a break. We are never truly on vacation or not running our businesses, so do what you have got to do to get yourself back on track.

By the way, Ireland was amazing. Highly recommend.




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