I made the decision to go see a business coach/counselor/therapist – whatever you want to call it….and it was the best. Granted, I’ve gone once but I’m clearly already cured. Jokes aside, I’ve written plenty of times about feeling alone as a business owner.

It took a swift kick in the ass by my managing director to go to the appointment. I mean, I could keep whining on my blog or I could do something about it. Trust me, I seriously considered the first option.

Here is what I want you to remember:

  • Ask for help. Whether it is your leadership team, your mom, your dog – it doesn’t matter. Just ask.
  • It’s ok to go talk to someone. It’s even better if they are a trained professional.
  • Listen to them. If they tell you to get a hobby – then maybe try cooking, reading or wine. If they tell you to get a personal assistant – then do it.

Also apply here.

Let me repeat, it is ok to ask for help.



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