If you don’t understand what is happening in our country as it relates to the stories circulating around sexual harassment and assault, then you are not listening. Women have never had it easy as it relates to dealings with the opposite sex, yet you seldom hear us complain or make a fuss, instead we go about doing what we have been doing for years – putting it behind us and moving forward.

The fact that we, now as a nation, are discussing sexual harassment and assault and have stopped making excuses for men and their actions – tells me it is about damn time. Every single woman out there has been subjected, in some way, to inappropriate behavior – so much so that the majority of us don’t even register it as abnormal or unacceptable.

I just read a piece by Amber Tamblyn in the New York Times, called “I’m Not Ready For The Redemption Of Men.” The piece talks about how men are feeling attacked and it is time for forgiveness and understanding. Excuse me while I laugh out loud.

Tamblyn states in the article that she is not ready to forgive, forget and move on, and I couldn’t agree with her more. The fact is we have been silent WAY too long and if it makes you uncomfortable, annoyed, angry – then all the better. There are so many more stories out there to be told and so many more powerful men to topple (we’re coming for you Trump – consider this your warning), we won’t allow this behavior to be the norm, we will speak up and we will change the dialogue.

To quote Tamblyn, “We’re in the midst of a reckoning. It’s what toxic masculinity’s own medicine tastes like. And people should allow the consequences to unfold, regardless of how it affects those they consider to be friends. The only way to enforce seismic, cultural change in the way men relate to women is to draw a line deep in the sand and say: This is what we will no longer tolerate.”

Join us.


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