“Leadership that is not deeply rooted in a foundation of truth is leadership destined to fail.” – Mike Myatt of Innovation Excellence.

As a leader, you are only as good as your word and how you live out that word. The most successful business leaders of our time have built their personal brand through honesty, making the right decisions and perhaps most importantly – admitting when they have it wrong. Success, in my opinion, is dependent on a leader’s moral compass.

A recent Forbes’ article had this to say about leadership, “True leaders don’t have the luxury of blaming others. Instead, they own every failure and work tirelessly to fix problems no matter the source.”

A good leader…

  • is selfless.
  • brings people together.
  • owns failure.
  • makes sacrifices.
  • pursues the greater good, often at their own expense.

As we are inundated with news of the latest scandal caused by 45, it is imperative that we remember what a leader truly embodies.


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