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The community factor

I wanted to start this blog out with “The problem with young-ins nowadays is…” but then I thought better of it. When I was just

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Hire Slow

If I asked you what your hiring process is would you say: 1. Post job to Indeed/LinkedIn or other job boards, 2. Filter through applicants,

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Chin Up

Dear Little Bode, We’ve been watching you the past several months as you’ve dealt with loss, grief, growth, conflict and so much more. You’re gonna

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About Meet the writer behind Small Biz Musings. Musings Writer Hi, I’m Kim Bode! A business owner, dog rescuer (or hoarder), and community advocate who

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Christianity Today

I don’t talk about my faith. I shouldn’t be ashamed, but I am. I’m a progressive Christian, something that apparently goes against everything organized religion

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Supporting small business

My favorite subject is small business and through the 8THIRTYFOUR Happy Hour Hustle podcast, WGVU Your Biz Your Town radio show with Shelley Irwin or

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The benefits of team retreats

The 8THIRTYFOUR team, took time out to reconnect, strategize and explore a small town in Northern Michigan this past week. Since we began implementing the

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