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Favorite news headlines – cookies, diamonds, illicit romances and more

It is part of all PR practitioners jobs to stay up-to-date with current events and we often stumble across interesting stories. This past week is no different, so I offer you the following to entertain you while at your desk or home weathering this snowstorm. My commentary is especially amusing.

  1. Really Smart Girl Scouts Sell Cookies Outside Marijuana Stores, Internet Reacts. First off, I am hiring this girl when she is old enough to legally work. She sold 300 boxes in 6 hours. Just genius.
  2. Trump Lied About What He Paid For Melania’s Engagement Ring. Guys – Trump lied…WHAT??? I know, it comes as a complete shocker, but at least this time he didn’t offend an entire country or gender…just poor Melania. Anyways the story isn’t nearly as interesting as the headline, but feel free to give it a read.
  3. The Trump White House has been plagued by rumors of illicit romances — and now Hope Hicks is at the center. If you don’t have real work to do, maybe this is the only way to entertain yourself? Hope really knows how to pick ’em. Her love interest, Rob Porter, was just accused of physical and emotional abuse by not one…but two ex-wives. Don’t worry, Hope helped him craft an official statement defending himself. So all is well.
  4. An Alaska Airlines jet was forced to land after a naked man locked himself in a bathroom (ALK). The dude was in the restroom, what more do you want? At least the flight attendants had rubber gloves.
  5. It’s -700 Degrees at the Olympics, but Tonga’s Flag Bearer Gave No F*cks and Went Shirtless. He is on an international stage, might as well do it up. Also, his name is Pita.

Our world is a crazy place, staying informed is a necessity…but also seeing the humor is key to maintaining sanity.

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