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How to crush an interview

It was time to update this blog, the original was written in 2018 and was recently trolled by someone who pointed out several spelling and grammatical errors (oops)…so I figured it was the universe telling me to bring it into the current year.

Plus we’re currently hiring for several positions, and Zoom interviews are a real thing and they’re uber awkward.

  • Know your shit. If you’re interviewing for a company and genuinely want to work there, research. Follow them on social, review their website, and read the latest blogs. Nothing impresses a future employer like a candidate having insight into their company. It shows you are taking the interview process seriously.
  • Feng Shui it. Now that we live in the age of Zoom, it’s important you give some thought to the area you’re conducting the interview. Make sure you have adequate lighting, a clean and tidy background with a bit of color, and double-check you have nothing embarrassing behind you…like dirty socks or a dildo.
  • Relax. I know this is easier said than done, but take a deep breath and answer each question succinctly and if possible, tie back to the company. Be prepared to answer the go-to interview questions – 1. What is your greatest strength and weakness? 2. What’s one time in your career where you faced adversity? How did you overcome it? If you’re interviewing with 8THIRTYFOUR, we’re going to ask you for 3 words that best describe you. Have some fun with this question.
  • Ask questions. Honestly, I find it super impressive when a candidate asks intuitive questions about 8THIRTYFOUR. If they’ve done any research they’ll know “culture” is a bit of a buzzword at our office, along with EOS. If they ask “What makes 8THIRTYFOUR’s culture unique?” or just ask about my dogs and you’re already winning.
  • Follow-up. Even though most everyone is working from home, you can still send a handwritten note. People gotta pick up the mail at some point. You can also get really creative and write a note, take a pic of it and send it via email. We had a candidate do that and I thought it was quite clever.

Interviewing is always stressful. The best piece of advice I can give you is to connect with the interviewers on a personal level and to be brief, be memorable, and be gone.

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