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It’s ok to use your voice

I’ve been quiet lately, laugh it up people that know me. I’ve been grieving privately over the loss of a family member and I have been struggling. The funny thing about grief is it comes in waves, you think you’re fine and then boom – knocked on your ass.

I also got in my head about my outspokenness, seems it isn’t always appreciated. The ironic thing is, the standard doesn’t seem to be applied to those of the opposite sex. I’m being vague for a reason, it’s a situation I’ve been dealing with the last 4 years and it got to the point where I started questioning who I am based on how they perceive me. It kind of fucked with my head.

It’s definitely good to be self-reflective, in fact, I should’ve done it a long time ago. I’ve identified areas I want to work on and the more strategic ways to use my voice in the public sphere. What my time spent reflecting didn’t change is the fact that my opinions or stances will never be popular with some people, organizations or “influential” people. So do I stifle who I am? Remain silent? Choose to not address issues I am passionate about, all so I can achieve a higher position?

That’s a big HELL NO.

I’m still going to call out injustice when I see it, advocate for those that need it and not be afraid to speak out. That being said, go get vaccinated so we can all get back to work and stop being a d*ck about it, cause people are dying, businesses are failing and science is real.

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  1. Sorry for the loss my friend. Family or the Oxford student shootings are enough to fuck up anyone so know you are not alone. And by the way, continue to use your voice. It is what makes you, you and who gives a shit what anyone else thinks…well except for our furry friends. Be strong. Luv ya!

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