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Make marketing your focus in 2017

Repeat after me: 2017 is going to be a great year for you, a phenomenal year, the best year ever.

As a business owner, you set lofty goals for your business whether it relates to customer retention, sales or talent. Where does marketing fall in all of this?


Communications is meant to walk hand-in-hand to support every goal you set for your business. If you are focused on customer retention in the coming year then work with your marketing team to develop a campaign that outlines client touch points, messaging, communication tools, frequency, timeline, metrics for success and more.

If growing sales is a goal, then develop a plan that targets specific industries or new markets. Bring marketing in at the beginning and involve them in setting goals. The sooner you involve communications in your planning the more successful your efforts will be.

We are experiencing a talent shortage in this country, whether it is skilled labor or other. Companies are all competing for the same talent, how are you standing out? Marketing understands the role messaging, creative, social media and more play in attracting and retaining talent.

You wouldn’t wait until the last minute to set a budget or financial plan for the coming year. Remember that marketing is just as important as it ties into every single business goal you set.

Make marketing a priority in 2017 and reap the benefits.

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