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Lessons from the Big Apple

It dawned on me after just returning from meetings in the Big Apple, that I am incredibly fucking blessed.

834 is the little engine that could, here’s why:

Several years ago, after I had quit a job I loved to focus full time on building 834, I experienced something really shitty and it sidetracked all the momentum. I decided I needed to get a ‘real job’ with insurance and security, so I spent 7 months working for a dick and then another 4 working at an agency. With support from some serious badass women and my boyfriend (now husband), I went back to where I belonged.

The point of this little story, is that 5 years later we are a 10 person firm serving kickass clients, working on projects that I could only have dreamed of and I just returned from media meetings in New York City.

The moral of this story. Don’t ever give up, life will sidetrack you and throw some serious shade but you will persevere. Surround yourself with the right people (not yes people), and believe in yourself. I know it sounds cliche’ as hell, but if you can envision it, you can work towards it.

Need some additional encouragement? Read the book, You’re a Badass.

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  1. You inspire me!!!! You keep going and keep that determination!!! Gotta say…@ 47 I’m just about done w my Masters in business and have settled many times for security in jobs….. Maybe I…armed w determination need to be more like you and strike out and see what else the world has to offer in my professional life!!! I let clouds of doubt win out sooo/too often!!! Time to take control!!! Thanks for your writing!!

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