This same time every year, I question my decision to run my own business. Why? Because…taxes. When you are paying out an unGodly amount at the end of the year, even though you paid quarterly throughout the year, it is hard to justify the choice to run a small business.  Then comes the joyful time where you need to estimate the quarterly you will pay the following year, and then realize that the 300% growth you experienced in the last year, will actually cost you money. Who knew? Growth is expensive.

It further reiterates the fact, that no one (the government) seems to understand how much money growth costs in salaries, insurance, benefits, operational costs..etc. So, why do it? Why run your own business?

Quite honestly, I don’t know how to do anything else and that isn’t to say that I am doing this exceptionally well…but I have been doing it so long that I can’t possibly comprehend a change.

It is during tax time that I have to constantly remind myself of 834’s accomplishments in the short time we have been around. I have to hold on to the feeling I get every day walking into the office and realizing that all of that is a direct result of hard work, anxiety attacks, frustration, anger and stubbornness. Not to mention the support from friends, colleagues and family.

Running a small business really does suck sometimes, but not all the time. So hold onto that and remember “this too shall pass.”