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Emotionally exhausted woman with her head down on her desk
Ladies Listen Up

Stop taking us for granted.

The holidays, am I right? What a shitshow. I like to give so much I have nothing left, then I’m resentful and bitter. Good times.

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Woman on golf course

Too Much

If I had a dime for every time someone referred to me as “too much,” I’d have a pretty decent chunk of change. Like…what does

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Old black lab laying on the ground
Complete Randomness

8 Dogs and A Motorhome

While our country was reverting back to the 1950s before women were considered equal to their male counterparts…I was on a road trip with 8

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Normalize Being Childfree

Guys, guess what? Women have worth outside of motherhood. Gasp! I know, who would have thought? It’s true! You’d think I was walking around with

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Must Read

Chin Up

Dear Little Bode, We’ve been watching you the past several months as you’ve dealt with loss, grief, growth, conflict and so much more. You’re gonna

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Friends hanging out
Ladies Listen Up

Know Your Worth

Someone reached out to me last week needing marketing support for a new business and said the budget was $300 a month. I went back

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