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Hire Slow

If I asked you what your hiring process is would you say: 1. Post job to Indeed/LinkedIn or other job boards, 2. Filter through applicants,

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Back from Vacay Vibes

Coming back from vacation is so overwhelming that it’s tempting to just never take one. That’s basically been my approach for 2022. To state the

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Friends hanging out
Ladies Listen Up

Know Your Worth

Someone reached out to me last week needing marketing support for a new business and said the budget was $300 a month. I went back

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Small Biz

Cut yourself some slack

Coming back from a holiday weekend is kind of a nightmare. I woke up this a.m. completely overwhelmed with all the things I needed to

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Small Biz

How to crush an interview

It was time to update this blog, the original was written in 2018 and was recently trolled by someone who pointed out several spelling and

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