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I spoke to several female business owners/professionals in the past few weeks and they all have one thing in common, they’re exhausted. Just absolutely burned

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Small Biz

Get it over with, stop procrastinating

Ever find yourself scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn…all the photos in your phone…the latest Ann Taylor sale…basically doing anything but tackling the looming project that

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Small Biz

Creating a marketing plan

Strategies are hard. Where the hell do you even start? Whether you are the one responsible for creating a marketing plan or you are working

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Integrated Communication

Employees & Social Media

The use of social media is a hot topic around our office lately. We have a social media policy at 8THIRTYFOUR, it is all of

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Embrace change or die

You’ve heard the saying “evolve or die”, well it couldn’t be more true. If you are a business you can’t continue to do things the

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Tips & Tricks

It’s on you to grow your network

Hello everyone seeking a job, connection, friend, mentor, advice – stop bugging everyone. Make it happen yourself. No one owes you anything. They certainly don’t

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