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Get the most out of your agency

834 was set up to be an integrated communications agency, which means we can manage all your needs under one roof. We build a strategy, we implement the strategy and we measure the strategy. All of this takes time. We like to think we are magical unicorns, but alas we are merely human.

When hiring an agency you, as a company, are also investing in a relationship. We work for you, but it is also a collaboration. As hard as we may try, we will never know your business as intimately as you will.

Success is being transparent, offering constructive feedback and taking the time to educate.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your agency relationship:

  1. Invite them to team meetings where they can experience firsthand the company dynamic. By observing the culture and day-to-day operations they will get a sense for the personality of the company. This will assist them in translating your company’s culture to the accurate voice in all generated content.
  2. Meet regularly to check-in and update on upcoming events, tradeshows, meetings, industry happenings, etc. If you see something in the news or are out at a networking event send your agency contact an email or text. By keeping them apprised of up-to-the-minute happenings, they can post appropriate information to your social channels.
  3. Give feedback. Everything an agency creates is sent for client approval. Take the time to review and give direction. The more time you spend with the agency of upfront the quicker they will familiarize themselves with company voice and tone.
  4. Establish a point person. By having one person in the company supplying the agency with information you will cut down on confusion and misdirection. Empower that person to lead and instruct the rest of your team to follow.
  5. Invest in the relationship. If you truly want to see results then you need to be realistic and understand it takes time. Your marketing program is not going to be built in a day and it sure as heck isn’t going to show a return in a week, two weeks or even a month.

Having a qualified team of professionals working on behalf of you is worth the investment, but the investment goes both ways.

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