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Moving sucks and other brilliant insights

This past week I moved an entire house, 4 dogs and a husband.

I came to several realizations while packing, unpacking and drinking multiple bottles of wine.

  1. Life is short. Like everything else in my life, I set completely unrealistic expectations and then drive myself and everyone else around me crazy trying to meet them. We bought the house on March 11th, we gutted it, demoed and renovated it from top to bottom in 2 months and 6 days. Why? Because I am impatient and want everything yesterday. Life is too damn short to be so singularly focused on one thing that you can’t see past yourself and how everything else is being impacted. My advice? Step back, take a deep breath, drink some wine and call a trusted confidant that will tell you what a moron you are. Everything we do has a ripple effect and being too shortsighted to see the bigger impact of what you are doing will eventually come back and bite you in the ass. On the bright side, I have become much handier and am contemplating a second business laying flooring.
  2. Why do we have so much shit? Does anyone really need 4 crockpots, 4 vacuums and 4 dogs (kidding on the last one). It amazes me the amount of crap people (me) accumulate throughout life. To be clear, I am not just talking physical but emotional shit. I filled box after box after box of stuff that hadn’t been touched in years and it felt good to give it away. Seriously, let it go (Frozen is in your head now isn’t it?) – just dump it. It is not doing anyone any good.
  3. Take a deep breath. Do you think anyone cares if you renovate a house in 2 months or complete your entire to-do list in a day? We get so focused on one thing and accomplishing that one thing that we completely paralyze ourselves in all other aspects of life. It will sometimes take me all day to make my stupid to-do list because once I write it down, I must do it right away!  Just chill…step away from whatever you are doing and refocus.

Isn’t it funny how something as mundane as moving can provide such insight into other aspects of your life? Does anyone need a crockpot?


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