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#MPC17 – Networking

Is it important to be seen? To network?

The answer is quite simply, yes. 834’s Lansing partner, Vanguard Public Affairs, and I are taking in the Michigan Policy Conference on Mackinac Island this year. This is my first year, his twelfth.

The entire island is full of conference attendees, politicians, media and more. Everywhere you go, you run into someone and connect.

With the digital world what it is, many people don’t see the need or importance of face-to-face interactions. The fact is, digital should always lead to in person. Interacting online is important but it should be used as a tool to create relationships.

Networking is key in doing the following:

  1. Relationships. I am not referring to only business relationships or those you deem beneficial. By connecting and learning from others, you will benefit. Don’t expect business just by showing up. Actually listen and learn – in other words, don’t be out for yourself.
  2. No choice. Listen, networking is inevitable, especially as a small business or PR professional. If you are unable to hold a conversation, you’re in the wrong business.
  3. Career benefits. At some point you may want to change careers or bring on new clients. The larger your network, the better.

I’m thrilled to be here this week and the alcohol doesn’t hurt either.

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