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Prioritize that one thing that makes you happy

With it being Friday, I want to remind you to put yourself and your happiness first. We get lost in our responsibilities, to-do lists, worries and commitments; losing focus often leads to feeling overwhelmed. I don’t know about you, but when I get overwhelmed, I tend to freeze. I get stuck and scattered and I end up getting NOTHING done.

Today or this weekend, do one thing that brings you joy. Maybe it is reading a book, catching up on Black Mirror (maybe not this show – it is messed up), taking a walk, napping…you get the drift; do all of it without guilt. Happiness is not our natural state as human beings, it takes work and prioritizing. Seems weird to schedule time for happiness, but if you don’t do it then when will you make it your focus?

Happiness is achieved through work. Here are some ways you can pursue joy this weekend:

  1. Practice gratitude. Send thank you notes, little gifts in the mail, text a nice message to a friend. When we do something for others, it boosts our mood and we feel good.
  2. Give of your time to a friend, stranger or organization. My favorite thing in life is giving gifts to others or doing something for someone that will make them happy. Their happiness is my happiness.
  3. Enjoy the pleasurable (get your mind out of the gutter). Take in the sunset or sunrise, go for a hike, learn a new hobby – maybe rollerblading or knitting. Knitting seems like the safer alternative here.

Happiness and joy are up to you. Los Angeles-based therapist, Sarah Schewitz says, “You can change the way you think, you can change the way you feel, and be happier.”


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