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Are you risk adverse?

There is a lot in the works at 834 right now, it is exciting, thrilling, unknown and scary. But so what. Everything in life is terrifying if you think about it long enough. You can literally talk yourself out of anything. Stop it.

What is life without risk? If we quit exploring new tools, strategies and business ideas then 834 will no longer be the brand I created 10 years ago – a brand that is about pushing the envelope, finding new and better ways of doing things and then implementing the shit out of it.

Some of the most successful individuals failed before they ever ‘made it’. Great shit comes out of failure:

  1. Failure is important. As long as you are learning from mistakes, you are continually growing your knowledge and experience. Don’t wonder ‘what if?’
  2. It gets easier. Eventually failure will get easier. Once you have done it 15 to 20 times, you know how to get up and move on.
  3. Success is born from failure. Failures help us define what success looks like, which is something you will constantly be moving towards.

You are not alone. Take Thomas Edison for example, his first thousand or more attempts at getting the light bulb to work were failures. In spite of all of his failures, Edison was a prolific inventor who had amassed several patents by the time he died, including the light bulb and the movie projector.

If you don’t fail, you’re not trying and if you’re not trying then you’re not really living, are you?


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