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Weathering this storm

If I hear the word “unprecedented” one more time, I’m going to scream. We are being bombarded by news by the time we wake up to the time we finally put our phones down and go to bed…then we dream about it. Everyone keeps giving advice on how to weather this storm, what to spend your time doing or how you should be acting during this time…well screw that.

Here is my non-advice, take it or leave it…because no one gets to decide how you deal with this shitstorm, but you.

Eat whatever you want

Stop showing me healthy recipes and workouts I can do from home. If I feel like moving, I’ll move. This may be considered terrible advice, but eat what you want, drink what you want and shower if you feel like it. We may all come out of this a few pounds heavier, so embrace it and eat your feelings. If you want that extra glass of wine (or bottle), no one is stopping you. The best part about this situation is the only one judging you is your dog and they’re just happy you’re around them 24/7.

Write about it

I sent my team journals to document this “unprecedented” time in our history. Write those feelings down, whether it is how you hid in a closet all day to escape your children or watched The Tiger King for the 14th time. In a year or two when you are dealing with what feels like an insurmountable situation, look back on this time and it will give you a much-needed perspective.

Adopt a friend

Seems like every time something crazy happens in the world, people dump their pets. By the way, if this is you, you’re an asshole. Help out a local animal shelter by fostering, it will keep you from going insane and you’ll save a life. That’s a win-win if you ask me.

Bring back letter writing

I’ve been mailing notes and cards out at a record pace. You wouldn’t believe the joy people experience when they get words of encouragement in the mail. My buddy Ashley and I have done this for years, neither one of us enjoys talking on the phone so we write to each other. Write notes to local nursing home residents, they are stuck in quarantine and can’t have visitors.  Think about that the next time you are feeling bored or lonely, their life depends on self-isolation…so suck it up buttercup and do something nice for someone else.

Zoom a virtual happy hour

I just did this with my team on Friday, I even put make-up on and showered. It was a big day for me. Check-in on those friends,  preferably with a glass of wine in your hand. It’s kind of funny to watch people get drunk virtually. I’m particularly hilarious.

We don’t know when this will end, for all the small businesses out there and those currently unemployed I pray it is soon. In the meantime, surround yourself with the people and things that make you happy and don’t let anyone tell you the right way to “cope” or “isolate.” You wear those pajamas for the 14th day in the row and have that dance party in your living room with no one judging you (your dog is totally judging you).

You do you and fuck COVID-19.


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