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Why you should quit your job

This past week I met with a young woman in her 20s that was considering starting her own business, primarily because she didn’t see another option. Her degree was not relevant to what she wanted to do, her current position pigeonholed her and due to this she didn’t see any opportunities in the current job market.

It reminded me of how I began as a business owner. I started 834 around the age of 27, I had no clue what I was doing and failure was an every day occurrence. So what did I have going for me? Age and inexperience. Quite frankly, I had no idea what I was up against, what it actually took to run a business or how much the government would want a piece of it.

This all worked in my favor.

As we get older, we become more risk adverse and tend to overthink everything. Responsibilities start piling up, we get comfortable and then we become sedentary.

There is nothing in life that truly prepares you for being an entrepreneur or running a business, it is hard, frustrating, terrifying and exhilarating. The fact is, life is short, do what you love. Quit your job, start a business, travel or start a new career. Don’t let age or fear of the unknown stop you.

There are tons of resources out there, and people like myself that will sit down and have a conversation with you. Just ask.

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2 Responses

  1. Greetings!
    I was happy to come across this article and a person such as yourself willing to answer some questions.

    I have a degree in a graphic design and illustration and have been trying to find a job in my field for quite some time. I have no real clients of my own to build my own business from and would love to know how you got your business off the ground 🙂


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