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5 reasons to start a blog

I think everyone should have a blog, whether it is personal or company focused. I started Small Biz Musings, so I could talk about my journey as a business owner and the success and failures I encounter. Whether you want it to be specific to the industry you are in or a lifestyle blog, start one.

Why? Because I said so…and 5 other reasons.

  1. Therapeutic: When I sit down to write a blog I am able to write my thoughts and perspective on a certain topic. Even if no one reads it, I was able to put my opinion out there and maybe help someone else in a similar position.
  2. Education. Before I write, I research the topic to see what other people are saying. There will always be someone else who has written on the same thing. Be sure you offer your point of view and how it differs from others. Take the time to educate your readers, the 3 that you have.
  3. Visibility. If you are smart about how you push your blog out once it is written, you can gain a lot of visibility. By using your personal social media channels you can post your articles and drive traffic back to your blog site. It takes time to build an audience, so don’t be discouraged. Also set up an email service that will notify your subscribers when you post a new blog.
  4. Fun. It really is fun to be able to write something and then publish it yourself. I have no idea how far-reaching the blog is, or if that many people read it – although my traffic says people do – but it is incredibly rewarding personally.
  5. Courage. It takes serious kahunas to put your thoughts out there for all to read. By allowing others to read your thoughts and critique, you are building character. It isn’t always easy to take the feedback that others give us and look at it constructively, however that is how we learn and grow.

I really do encourage you to start a blog, no matter what is happening in my life, I find time to publish at least once a week.

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