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Books and Booze

Is there a better title for a blog? I might get it as a tattoo, it’s kind of my life motto.

I love books, I’ve had a love affair with them as far back as I can remember. I used to go into my parent’s bedroom and pull Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum, W.E.B. Griffin books off the top shelf of my dad’s closet. I’m pretty sure at 10 it wasn’t appropriate reading but to this day, I still love these authors. I used to imagine I was Dirk Pitt, with his sidekick Al Giordino, swigging tequila and exploring the world.

There is just something magical about immersing yourself in a different time period and world. Now that I’m not 10 anymore and of the legal age to drink, I love pouring myself a glass of wine and curling up with a stack of books.

Sidenote: Am I the only one that takes a book wherever I go? I was told one time it’s super rude for me to do that, to which I say – don’t be boring and I won’t need to bring reading material.

Enough reminiscing, here are some of my favorite books paired with the appropriate books. These are not listed in any order…

Raise the Titanic, Clive Cussler

This was one of the first books I stole from my dad’s closet. It is an epic adventure with Dirk Pitt and the team at NUMA. The title pretty much sums it up but throw in some Russian spies, marine biology and of course a girl – Dirk always gets his girl.

Drink of choice: Tequila on the rocks, the Dirk Pitt way

Little Women, Louisa May Alcott

With the Greta Gerwig movie remake just hitting theaters, this classic has made a resurgence. I often think of Louisa May Alcott writing this book in an age when women’s paths were decided for them and pouring her heart in soul into the characters. I adored Jo, her temper, imagination, courage, stubbornness, and her refusion to be what society deemed for her. I cried when we lost sweet Beth, I sighed when Jo turned down Laurie and I was angry when Amy returned Laurie’s affections. I imagined myself curled up by Marmee’s feet while she read father’s letters by the fireplace hearth. This book gave me so much and showed me that no matter what, your destiny is your own.

Drink of choice: Hot toddy on a cold winter’s evening sitting by the fire


It has been a while since I read D-Day, some books just stick with you. Ambrose has a way of weaving together multiple narratives of soldiers serving during WWII, all leading to the day that changed the tide of the war. We will never know the pain, suffering and bravery of that day…but we owe it to the men who made the ultimate sacrifice to try. It is a hard read, uplifting at times, graphic at others but throughout – honest and raw. I really encourage you to read it.

Drink of choice: A nip of brandy

Louis L’Amour

I can’t choose just one, I have read them all. I loved following the story of the Sackett family and their hardships on the frontier. There is not a single author that has captured the old west, like L’Amour. The man is a legend. His real-life is just as fascinating as the 105 books he wrote. His books inspired my brother and I to build forts and explore the cornfields and woods around our house, we “lived off the land” and fought Indians. I used to wish I could go back in time and explore the wild west and meet all the fascinating characters he wrote about.

Drink of choice: Whiskey neat, obviously

Books give us so much. What are your favorite books? I have a million more I could write about, but I’ll save it for the Books and Booze sequel.



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