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Why employee benefits are important

Treats for the win.

Employees wanted to feel valued, in today’s world they are no longer working for just a paycheck. As a small business, benefits can be a large cost to undertake and there is no way you can compete with a larger company. So, get creative.

Instead of just offering health insurance, outline perks that are available to employees.

  1. Summer Fridays. In the summer, depending on how busy the agency is, we have 1/2 days. This allows the team to enjoy the fleeting Michigan summer and start their weekend sooner. This is great for morale.
  2. Learning Fridays. As you can see, we really like Fridays. Once a month, we have educational sessions where a staff member shares their knowledge on a subject with the rest of the team. It is a great way for us to learn from each other and build our team bond.
  3. Profit-sharing. If the agency does well, the team benefits. At the end of the year, I assess our profits and bonuses are then paid out in January or February. It is not always a given, as the year may not have been profitable.
  4. Flexibility. Employees are encouraged to change up their work environment and head to a coffee shop, bookstore or home to change things up. I trust that the team will get their shit done and if working from a different location assists in productivity, then great.
  5. Team Outings. Whether it is lunch, a baseball game, dinner or something else, it is important to get away from the office setting and work on your team dynamic.

These are just a few examples of perks you can implement in your small business. Get creative and figure out ways to show your employees you care more than just a paycheck. If all else fails, bribe them with treats.

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