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Make your own opportunities

Get involved.

I met with a potential client this past week and we started talking about networking, being a connector and building valuable relationships. I know I have talked about this in the past, but it is worth a repeat.

If you are in sales or own a business and are the sole business developer, you need to understand it is about relationships not landing work. If your focus is only on the money, you won’t be successful.

Also stop randomly emailing, calling and using LinkedIn to sell – it only pisses people off (see former blog).

You need to be visible, which requires creativity and creating your own opportunities. People will take meetings from people they have know or have heard of. If you want something, give something.

Here is how I did it.

  • Years ago, I approached WGVU and asked them if they would be interested in a monthly segment on The WGVU Morning Show With Shelley Irwin. The segment would feature community events, non-profits and small businesses. I had met the host Shelley a few times and figured what the heck. 8 years later, Your Biz Your Town is still going strong and it gives me the ability to profile great companies – some that may need 834.
  • Personal branding – read up on it here and why it is important.
  • If I am asked to speak, I do it. Even if it isn’t the right audience, practice makes perfect.  My first speaking engagement was at a nursing home where I talked about the history of Grand Rapids.
  • I started a blog to share experiences on running a business, things I know, don’t know and people I think are badass. By profiling other businesses I have the opportunity to share their story and introduce them to 834.

I share this with you, so you understand that to get something, you must give something. Always provide value and you will reap the benefits.

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