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Ladies Listen Up: Friendship

Ladies Listen Up, is going to be an ongoing series because…I have so much to say!

With 40, right around the corner, I’ve become really wise or maybe it’s really tired…either way, I’m sharing all my deep thoughts with all of you.

Lets talk friendship.

I’ve been told it gets harder to make friends as you get older, I haven’t found that to be true…but I also care a lot less. Maybe that is the key to successful friendships in your later years, you just stop giving a shit what everyone thinks.

The other key to great friendships, less is more.

Be You

If you can’t be around me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t get me at my best. I don’t have time for fake shit or pretending life is all sunshine and unicorns. I have time for honest conversations, gifs, wine in pajamas, dog pictures, wine, and lady vacations. Life is hard, why have ‘friends’ that you only show a portion of your life to?

I want the friends that will drop off soup at my house when I am sick, will let my dogs out when I am suffering from a sinus infection so bad I can’t get out of bed, bring me pizza rolls when I’m having a bad day, send me funny girl power cards, celebrate professional achievements, put together furniture at a new house, tell me I’m a bitch, point out when I am wrong, sit with me when I lose a furkid and value friend vacays as much, if not more than family vacations.


I’m a real dick sometimes, I know that comes as a surprise…to no one. When one of my friends told me she was pregnant, I cried out of sadness for myself…I had lost another friend to a baby. She told me I was ridiculous and in the moment we should have been celebrating her happy news, she reassured me I wouldn’t lose her.

It took me a day to come around, and she still loved me in spite of my selfishness. I have countless other stories, that illustrate my awesomeness, but to save face…I’m not going to share them.

My point is, your friends love you at your worst and forgive you for it.


As you get older, you’ll find that you have less time for everything. When we were younger, did we really think, more was better? That having more friends, achieved some sort of status? Made us cool?

Screw that.

Life is too short to stress yourself out doing all this crap you don’t really want to do, with people that at the end of the day, will never be there for you outside of a surface level.


Back to the quality over quantity, if you have this huge group of who you deem ‘close’ friends, how great of a friend are you? Can you really be the friend, you would want someone else to be? I guess, you could make it your full-time job?

All those times you need that person to be there for you? You sure as hell better be there for them. That’s what friends do, they are there through the good, bad and ugly.

The great thing about friendship as you age, those bitches are always going to be there for you.

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