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Perking up your office and you

Sometimes, a girl just needs office supplies. When you spend the majority of time at work or in meetings, you tend to splurge on the super boring items you use the most. You want them to be unique. I like color, lots of it – I wear it and I surround myself with it (you should see my house), so naturally all of my office items have to also be bright…like my sparkling personality.

Here are just a few of my top picks for pimping out your cubicle and office supply game.  I find when my office supplies and decor are on point, I can conquer anything.

Kate Spade One in a Million Business Card Holder

Kate Spade One in a Million Card Holder

Nothing says “I am completely unorganized and flustered” like pulling a bent, stained business card with gum stuck on it to hand to a prospect. Invest in a flashy and cool case, that probably only holds abut 10 cards…but hey, you’ll look cool. I personally have this Kate Spade monogrammed case and it easily fits in my pocket, purse or a clutch. Retails for $30 on, you may be able to find it for less on Amazon, Younkers or Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Kate Spade Nom de Plume Ball Point Pen
Kate Spade PensYou may notice a theme here, but I am unapologetically in love with Kate Spade office supplies. It was a bit of a splurge, but if you are an shopper you will find some sweet deals. I have a pen problem, I collect them and then scatter them everywhere – sometimes I steal…I just can’t help it. I’ve tried to get help, instead I just purchase more and these Kate Spade Ball Point Pens are my absolute favorite. When you write as many handwritten notes as I do, you want a stylish tool to pen your letter. These pens come in a variety of patterns and colors and retail for around $36. The pens can be purchased at

The Rachel Tote – Laptop Bag
FossilI give you permission to purchase multiple laptop bags. If you are going to spend the majority of your life in meetings, then be sure all your accessories reflect your personality and taste. I love this bag from Fossil. The Rachel Tote is bright (unlike most of the offices you visit), roomy and comes with a wallet that you can grab when you are running into a lunch appt. It can also be customized with stickers so no 2 bags are alike. The bag retails for $198 and can be purchased at


Knick Knack Holder
e6fdfec78b2333bcbe51966b3a54161dI accumulate crap and find that I need to shove it some place…because you never know when I will need that lotion, deodorant, contact solution or used thank you note. This wine box came to me with 2 bottles in it, which I quickly consumed. I suppose technically it isn’t a holder for stuff or crap, but I like it and I like wine. You can purchase it at Primitives by Kathy for $28.50.


A Statement Coffee Mug
71w-iUrP5qL._SL1500_I like my coffee mugs to tell a story, a story about me. This one says “Kim Bode likes to camp”, which if you follow my Twitter, Facebook or SnapChat you will already know that. Every time I look at this cup, I smile. It reminds me of being in the woods, surrounded by my herd of dogs, drinking a hot cup of coffee while overlooking the river. Inevitably when you are having a meeting at your office, someone will compliment you on your sweet cup and bam! you have an icebreaker. You can purchase this sweet mug or a variety of others at between $8 and $11.

Statement Art
il_570xN.1002849984_it04So often I go into offices and the walls are white, bare and the florescent lighting gives me a headache. Why not spruce up your office with some art? I am surrounded by photos of family, dogs (their family too), friends and funny sayings that mostly have to do with wine…odd. This print is inspired by…Kate Spade, who else? You can pick it up on Etsy for a whopping $5.69 – this is only the print, not the frame.

We work hard and we deserve to splurge a little and surround ourselves with items that put a smile on our face and brighten our day. According to CNN Money, four in 10 workers (Americans) report logging 50+ hours on the job. That means, we are probably spending more time at work than at home – so don’t we deserve to treat ourselves?




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