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Making the Best Impression

We have all gotten a little lazy with our style. Gone are the days where a suit, nylons and pencil skirt were the norm. With an influx of millennials into the job market, we are seeing a lot more individuality and expression through a person’s dress.

I am sure we are all familiar with the phrase “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” That isn’t to say that you show up in a three-piece suit every day, but you should put some thought into your appearance and how others will perceive you. Before all you millennials start getting all up-in-arms, if you want to advance in your career there are certain concessions you are going to have to make. One of those is, is not taking advice, like this, personally. The rules were set long before you were born.

Here are my recommendations for professional, but fun attire. Sorry guys, this blog only addresses the women.

  1. Get yourself a great blazer. I love this animal print jacket with shoulder pads. It says “I am in charge and also very broad shouldered.”  Pair it with a nice pair of dress pants and a bright colored shirt. I make it a point to always incorporate color into all of my outfits. That way, I stand out but look professional.
  2. Add a scarf. Want to add some color or spruce up a boring outfit – then add a scarf. If you are like me, and couldn’t figure out how to tie a scarf even if your life depended on it – then learn from a friend (thanks Sarah Abel) or YouTube. An even better option would be an infinity scarf, you really can’t screw that up. Please excuse my horrible hair in this picture, apparently I couldn’t be bothered to brush it that day.
  3. A fun necklace. Yep, that is a parrot. I love quirky necklaces that add some fun to an outfit. It adds color where needed, stands out and can make an interesting conversation starter.
  4. Accessories, as they say, make the girl. Kate Spade is my go to – I’m sure you couldn’t tell by my recent blog. Good quality, semi-affordable and unique.
  5. Dresses! In the summer, especially, dresses are my favorite. So easy to throw on, add a cute necklace, scarf or belt. I am drawn to fun patterns and bright colors.
  6. Put a shoe on it. I have a slight addiction to shoes, but then (besides my friend Sue) who doesn’t? You want your personality to shine? Shoes are the answer. I love this orange flowered pump. Whether you wear it with pants, a skirt or dress it is an attention grabber. Remember, when networking – attention is good.
  7. Black pants. Every woman needs a great pair of black pants. I own several. This is your go-to when you are feeling fat, have a professional event or you can’t decide what to wear.

Some other wardrobe essentials I would suggest are: tights, booties, a great watch and a versatile belt.

By no means should I be your style guide but if you are looking for a job, just starting your career or trying to stand out – this advice should help you.

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