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Time management tips from 834

When you are managing over 30 clients, overseeing 20+ social channels and communicating with 100 or more media outlets on a monthly basis…you need to have your organizational shit down.

From 834 to you, here are our top time management tips, served with a side of sarcasm and swear words.

  1. Never procrastinate. Do it NOW! Do the shittiest task on your list first. Once you get that off your plate, everything else is a cake walk.
  2. Use tools: There are a ton of free tools that will do work and remember things for you. Use them! Google Calendar, iCalendar, Apple Reminders, Boomerang, Basecamp. The list goes on.
  3. Prioritize. What needs to be done first? Map out your to-do list with the most important tasks being first.
  4. Eliminate distractions. If you have a deadline you are working under and have to take shit home with you, don’t work in the same room as your significant other. They don’t care that you have things to do and WILL NOT STOP TALKING.
  5. Find your power jams, turn them on and tune it all out. Might we suggest, Work Bitch by Britney Spears.

Have some great tips we should add to the list? Drop them in the comments and we’ll update the blog.

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