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Stop saying this to PR pros

Kathie Lee and HodaSo you hired us…because we know stuff. We clearly have a track record of success in public relations or you never would have come to us in the first place. Since this is the case, you need to trust us, listen to us and stop micromanaging us.

The below is what drives PR pros mad, like foaming at the mouth mad.

  1. Make that go viral. Listen you are not Chewbacca mom, so your product release isn’t going to get the same attention unless you light yourself on fire  and run around naked. Even then…you don’t decide, the public does.
  2. Remove that word that makes zero difference, but it really irritates me. And move this quote here and that one there and is that two spaces? Should it be one? Stop making inconsequential edits! We know what we are doing.
  3. Can you let the reporter know this is the only day that works for me at this exact time and they will need to provide me with questions beforehand. Let’s remember they are not your employee and they don’t give a shit what is most convenient to you. It is their playing field and you are just the water boy.
  4. When will we be on Hoda & Kathie Lee? Even though our customers don’t watch the show because it is not relevant to them at all, I would still like to see us on there. My kids would think it’s neat. Weirdly enough we have a strategy to the media we pitch and we choose the publications that will actually make an impact on your business. Also, Hoda and Kathie Lee are too busy drinking wine, stop bothering them.
  5. Yes! I am completely available that day, so please send…this is time-sensitive….and we receive an out-of-office when coordinating an interview. I don’t care if you are in the 5th Circle of Hell, you better pick up that phone.

I say this with so much love – butt out and let us do our job. Of course we have your best interest in mind, why would we work ourselves out of a job? We love having a conversation and answering your questions but when we have research and experience that back up our recommendations – LISTEN.

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