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Things to do during Snowmageddeon

Dear Michiganders,

We find ourselves, once again, in the midst of a blustery winter storm (Snowmageddeon) that has seemingly caught us by surprise…even though it is winter in Michigan. I view snow days as an opportunity to crush my to-do list and catch up on all the tasks I keep putting off.

Here are my tips for this windy, snowy and cozy day.

  1. Wear PJs all day. It is statistically proven that working in lounge wear increases output (we are still looking for the report that backs this up). If you don’t have to worry about showering, dressing and doing your hair; you can jump right into your tasks for the day.
  2. Start with a mimosa, after coffee of course. Nothing says “bring on the day,” like an alcoholic beverage at 7:00 a.m. Champagne is for celebrating, and a snow day is cause for celebration.
  3. Light a candle. A flickering, scented candle will give you a warm, cozy feel. It completes your workspace and adds the needed ambience to crush that to-do list.
  4. Surround yourself with dogs. Missing your co-workers? No problem. Dogs are avid listeners, be sure to brainstorm client campaigns with your furry staff, their input will be invaluable.
  5. Register to attend the Nothing Party. What do you have to look forward to when January turns into February? Nothing. February is the month of nothing, so we are giving you something to look forward to, a party full of nothingness. I mean, what else do you have to do?
  6. Jam out to The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Get motivated with show tunes, the best part being that co-workers won’t get annoyed when you play the album repeatedly in an 8 hour period.

In all seriousness, take advantage of the quiet, uninterrupted work time. You’ll be shocked how much you accomplish.

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  1. With you on everything except the mimosa. I must lack self control, but the early mimosa leads to the lunch martini and the 3 p.m. afternoon-phlegm-cutter bourbon, and very little gets accomplished. Although it is fun…

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