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Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday & Cyber Monday – You Can Compete

It’s that time of year where we are bombarded with ads, coupons, sales, doorbusters – you name it. If you are a small business you may struggle to stand out, how can you even compete?

If you are a small retailer, it is already hard enough to make a profit, you can slash prices to be competitive with the big box stores.

Don’t worry, there are other ways you can stand out and the great thing? Your customers are loyal.

  1. How you treat your customers when they walk through the door is your chance to shine. Greet them, hand them a shopping bag and offer them a refreshment. Spend some money on mimosas and croissants for them to munch on as they shop. These thoughtful touches are what keeps them coming back. By taking the time to get to know every customer that walks through your door, you know their style, likes and favorite products. Be sure to reach out when something arrives in your store you know they will love.
  2. Be unique in the products or services you offer. Anyone can go and pick up a dress online that 25 other people they know will have, however if it is a truly unique piece the price because less important. Your customers are those that see the value in what you offer, appreciate the uniqueness and want an enjoyable experience. There is a reason they are not at Wal-Mart fighting over the last TV.
  3. Give a little something extra. Drop a personalized note in each of your customer’s bags when they are checking out; let them know how much you appreciate them. Brainstorm how you can add value to their experience, whether it is taking the time to chat with them or giving away a freebie with a purchase.

If you choose to participate in Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday or Cyber Monday, remember why you do what you do and stay true to yourself and your brand.

Share in the comments below what your plans are.


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