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Building an integrated campaign

Team 834 is working with our local community theatre on the promotion of an unknown play that deals with some very real but difficult issues. In an effort to bring awareness to the play, which will absolutely make people uncomfortable, we had to get creative.

When we develop campaigns, we always go the integrated route..I mean we are an integrated communications firm so it kind of makes sense.

What that means, is we utilize a variety of tools and tactics to disseminate the message and for outreach to the target audience.

Here is what I mean:

  1. Social media: Besides the obvious posting about the event, we created imagery, an event, ads and a hashtag. We also created a partner promotional packet that outlined content for website, social media, email and more – making it a no-brainer to copy and paste.
  2. Event: To better highlight the main themes in the play, we are partnering with a community nonprofit to host a panel discussion. By bringing in community leaders and inviting the general public we are promoting the less-known play while also bringing to light the larger issues in our city. We also just increased our reach by partnering to reach an audience we typically wouldn’t have access to.
  3. PR: The 834 team will write up a variety of articles that touch on the issues presented in the play and submit to local bloggers, publications etc. We are also recruiting a media sponsor that will assist in the promotion and ensure we get coverage.
  4. Advertising: Our digital team outlined a Facebook ad campaign to reach the target audience for the play.
  5. Influencer outreach: West Michigan is home to a number of bloggers, which we will invite to the VIP reception and provide complimentary tickets to promote over social and their blog.
  6. Email marketing: This should be obvious, but we will be creating a variety of email blasts that will be sent in the weeks leading up to the play.
  7. Creative: Design is at the core of everything we do. Let’s be honest if it isn’t pretty, you probably aren’t going to look at it. As part of the promotion we are and have created imagery for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, flyers, event material and more.

For the integrated approach to be successful messaging and creative has to be consistent across all channels and campaign management is key. If you don’t have the right individual pushing the campaign forward and coordinating all moving pieces then the campaign will appear disjointed and confusing.

We are always innovating and finding ways to improve. What our tools and tactics are at the planning stage often ends up very different than the end product.


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